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1 June 2020

Lockdown School may be Start or not Latest News by VTV News

Lockdown School may be Start or not Latest News by VTV News

"The best thing for being tragic," answered Merlin, starting to puff and blow, "is to get the hang of something. That is the main thing that never comes up short. You may develop old and trembling in your life structures, you may lie wakeful around evening time tuning in to the confusion of your veins, you may miss your lone love, you may see the world about you crushed by underhanded neurotics, or realize your respect stomped on in the sewers of baser personalities. There is just a single thing for it at that point — to learn. Realize why the world sways and what sways it. That is the main thing which the psyche can never deplete, never estrange, never be tormented by, never dread or doubt, and never fantasy about lamenting. Learning is the main thing for you. Look what a great deal of things there are to learn.

You are being inculcated. We have not yet advanced an arrangement of training that isn't an arrangement of teaching. We are grieved, yet it is all the better we can do. What you are being instructed here is an amalgam of current partiality and the decisions of this specific culture. The scarcest glance at history will show how ephemeral these must be. You are being instructed by individuals who have had the option to adapt to a system of thought set somewhere around their ancestors. It is a self-propagating framework. Those of you who are more hearty and individual than others will be urged to leave and discover methods for instructing yourself — teaching your own decisions. Those that stay must recall, consistently, and constantly, that they are being shaped and designed to fit into the thin and specific needs of this specific culture."

School may be start or not by VTV News Report

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The school must be clean, there should be proper arrangement of drinking water and hand washing water. Hand washing will have to be arranged. School toilets need to be cleaned 2-3 times a day to keep them clean. Maintain a two-foot seating distance between children. Uniforms, shoes and socks are not mandatory. Will be able to attend wearing normal clothes, shoes and slippers. Depending on the number of children, schools can be run in two shifts. Get important subjects studied in school, give homework for other subjects. Screening for children at the main door, sanitizer to keep hands clean. Washing hands before meals is mandatory. No bus or school vehicle will be allowed to drive every day without hygiene rules and certification. The seating arrangement in the bus has to be kept six feet away.

The teacher will give the students simple instructions like stand up. Immediately the teacher will say let’s sit down and all the students including the teacher will sit down.Priamry teacher related all news available in this website

The teacher will take a paper and also give the Tevaj paper to the students.
Teacher let’s fold the paper. (He will do it himself.)
Students will do as instructed. Thus two to three processes will be done with the example. (The teacher will first rehearse such simple instructions.)
The whole process of making a paper boat will be done by the teacher speaking and processing. Students will also follow this process. Students will work in pairs (one student will speak the process and the other student will build a paper boat accordingly.) The teacher will recite the paragraphs, dialogues and descriptions in the exercise or unit while running the prose.

Create a group of students and ask them to dictate in a group.

The teacher will put examples of different patterns on the board.
Write words, sentences including the error of this pattern on the board.
The teacher will ask the students to find the error. He will then ask you to write the words or sentences in his notebook.
E.g. I did buy a new car.
The above sentence will be written by the teacher on the board. Will read it. Will ask to find out what is irrational in it. After receiving the answer, he will correct the sentence and ask him to write it.
The teacher will describe the incident / story.
Who speaks this sentence? He will ask.
Ask the children to present the dialogue of the event / story in pairs.
The teacher will read the paragraph.
Will ask to read the paragraph.
The group will ask to classify the details of the paragraph.
Ask them to observe if there are pictures.
Will ask questions to sort out the details.
The student will be asked to classify the details of the table in the group.

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