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1 June 2020

Change your Varsai Nodh Online at Gov. Web portal

Change your Varsai Nodh Online at Gov. Web portal

Non-agricultural by the state government Following online approval, the decision has been taken to make the land inheritance change application revenue service online. Take advantage of the money to apply from farmers The question also arises as to whose responsibility it is.

This procedure is to be applied by the applicant for the online application of legacy change note.

●  For the legacy note, the application for online legacy note in the type of application on the website will be selected.

● All the details mentioned in the application must be entered in data form in Sruti font. Shruti font details are displayed on the iora site.

The death certificate, along with the signed application, will be scanned and uploaded by the deceased landlord's birth certificate and the original documents will be submitted at the e-Ahar center of the taluka within a maximum of 15 days from the date of submission of the application.

◆ No other documents like 7-12, 8-A will be uploaded with the application.

◆ If there is a court order for a particular case, its details will have to be uploaded.

◆ If there is a court order for a particular case, its details will have to be uploaded.

◆ After entering the data of all the above mentioned details and uploading the required documents, submission will lock the applicant's application as raw note.

◆ The script of the deceased and their heirs will be generated along with the script which will generate the number of online copyright or raw note of the village.

◆ If the applicant and all the right holders as per the application have submitted the details of the mobile number, then all of them will get the prescribed SMS regarding the raw note of inheritance.

Important Links for Online Varsai ↙️ 

The e-Dhar center will take this action

● Online inheritance note will appear in the auto mutation register.

● E-Dhara Deputy Mamlatdar will have to get the copy of death certificate and pedigree and print of the application from the auto mutation register.

● 8-A and 7-12 prints of that account will have to be obtained from his own login.

● Death certificate and pedigree and original application must be received online by the applicant. So that the applicant can be informed through SMS.

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