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19 July 2019

PM-KISAN scheme means 'Prime Minister Kisan Honor Nidhi'.

Name of the scheme
PM-KISAN scheme means 'Prime Minister Kisan Honor Nidhi'.

  • Main purpose:

Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme has been declared as a 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme to help the farming families as part of enhancing the income of the farmers by the Government of India.

  • Help Standard:

Rs. 6000 / - per year per farmer family will be available through Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT). Those three equal installments will be paid within four months. In which the first installment will be as of 01/12/2018 to 31/03/2016. Thereafter, the second installments will be paid every four months.

  • Eligibility for getting help

All farmer families who are not included in the category of husband, wife and minor children (below 18 years of age) who have any individual or jointly own land for their cultivable land (other than institutional landholders) and any of those member is not eligible to be included in the category Eligible for 

  • Details required for assistance application:

Farmer name, village, taluka, Aadhar number, category, IFSC code and bank account details.

  • What to do to benefit the farmer's family?

  1. The applicants seeking the benefit of this scheme should apply online through the service provider fixed in their village ( portal.
  2. To apply through service providers such as Village Computer Engineer (VCE), Milk Board, Co-operative Society, any other government or co-operative institution / person.
  3. The applicant will have to print the form along with details of the details and relevant attestation sign and deposit the check / pass book for the bank account details and the self-certified copy of the support card will be deposited at the Data Entry Center. Talati will have to collect all the details / documents. If there is no Aadhar card as the first installment of the first year of implementation of the scheme, in that case, the enrollment number, driving license, election card, etc. should be given as identity card. But thereafter, the details of the Aadhaar card and the base CAD Bank account will be mandatory.
  4. If a person with a name named Land Records in the land holder farmer family does not live in the village or does not live in the village, then another adult person from the farmer family can present his affidavit on their behalf. For which the nominee will have to mention his name and the relationship with the land holder under the agreement.
  5. The applications will be eligible for granting permission to the Gram Sabha assistance.

Standards for land holder:

  • For calculation of land holder, the land holder's status will be taken for the date of 01/02/2019.
  • In the case other than the inherited right to transfer due to the death of the land holder, this benefit will not be available to any new land holder for the next five years.

  • Tue In the period from 01/12/2011 to date 01/02/2019, the land holder registered as a land holder will be benefited from the registration date for land land in the land record,
  • In the case of such cases where the right to own the cultivable land for the reasons of purchase, inheritance, will, gift, etc. have been transferred from the date of 01/12/2018 to 31/01/2019 for the first installment of the financial year 2018-19, For the period 31/3/1994, the benefit will be four months away.

  • Who is not entitled to help:

Under the scheme, the farmer family with the higher economic status shown below will be ineligible for the benefit.

(A) Institutional landholders
(B) One or more of the land holder farmer's family, who is included in any of the following

1. The person having all the constitutional positions in the present and the past

2. Current and Former Minister / Minister of State, Chairman of the current and former Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Vidhan Sabha, current and Bhutupur district panchayat

3. Regular and retired (all) - All the public enterprises of the Central and State Government's Ministry / Offices / Departments and its Regional Offices, Central and State Government, all autonomous and affiliated organizations of the Central and State Government and regular (Multi-Tasking Staff / Class-4 / Group-D) All officers, employees

4. All the retired / retired pensioners out of B-2/3 who earn Rs. Receiving 10,000 / - or more pensions (except for multi-tasking staff / class-4 / group-d)

5. In the last assessment year, income tax paid taxpayers and professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, charted accountants and architects who are registered with professional organizations and have occupation in practice.

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.

To Get Fast Updates Download our Apps:Android|iOS|Telegram

Stay connected with us for latest updates

Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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