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13 November 2018

This is the right of the driver, if you make mistakes, then repent to your life

This is the right of the driver, if you make mistakes, then repent to your life

Due to the sending of the RC Book RTO within nine days and due to their error, incorrect or error-filled information has been printed in the RC Book and the responsibility of giving the vehicle owner free of charge is taken without charging any charge. Now after selling a new vehicle, the sale certificate from the dealer ie Sale Letter, Form No. 21 is prepared. It is necessary to be vigilant to give specific details of the bank details, if the vehicle owner has taken his name from the address and loan, when the seller has made a sales letter from the dealer. It is imperative to verify the name of the English spell in particular, once the mistake of a small error arises, it has to go through a long process to improve the RTO office. The dealer submits the data according to the cell certificates to the vehicle's online RTO office and simultaneously gives a temporary registration certificate of the vehicle while delivering the vehicle. If a temporary certificate is not issued and a vehicle accident occurs when the vehicle is used, in such circumstances, the insurance company can refuse to pay the compensation claim for the loss of vehicle. So it is imperative to verify the temporary certificate of the new vehicle and its deadline and to register for the permanent number of the vehicle before the expiry of the deadline.
Under normal circumstances vehicle registration and tax is reimbursed from the vehicle dealer in time limit. The application for the registration of the vehicle is fixed in Schedule 20. After filing an application from the dealer in the RTO office, the administrative process is conducted by the RTO office. The online data sent from the dealer and the details displayed in the hard print presented with the application are verified. If there is an inconsistency, the information on hard print is improved. After that the registration number of the vehicle is given by the random system. In which no human intervention can be done to favor or allocate a specific number. If the vehicle owner wishes to have a certain number of choices or to get a no-digit number ominous, then it is advisable to get it by paying the prescribed number of fees. Once the number is alloted it can not be improved, which must be noted.

The applicant's application is approved for the maximum amount

Like other states, two different categories have been prepared by the Gujarat Motor Vehicle Department, among the selected number, the Golden number and the Silver number. Whose minimum fee has been fixed. Both of these categories are allocated for auction. Generally, when the new series of motorcycle or motorized registration number is introduced, pressnotes are reported to the applicants in the news papers. With the numbers of new starting series, an application for the number of outstanding gold or silver category can be applied in the previous year, where the applicant's application for the maximum amount is allowed. The number of the selected number is to be filled with a demand draft or pay order. If the registration form is obtained by filing the application form CNA, then the additional term of thirty days is given from the completion of the term of the CR term. The main purpose of such a sort of exemption is to get the number of the motorcycle-like vehicle series at the big RTO office every month starting the new series and get the income from the RTO office. But the vehicle owner needs to note that the number of choice can be obtained within a sixty-day period.

Routine number vehicle does not receive allocated SMS messages

The temporary registration certificate of motor cycle or motor carriage certificate is not provided for renewal once completed. If the vehicle accident occurs after the completion of this certificate, the amount of insurance is not available or there is no complete loss if the loss occurs as stated earlier. The motor vehicle department should also look at the interest of the vehicle owner with the benefit of the maximum fees for the selected number and re-consideration should be given regarding the expiry of thirty days. Application for registration of vehicle After registration in the RTO office, the registration number of the vehicle is given. If the selected number is received by paying the fee, the vehicle owner is informed on the mobile phone via SMS. But if the routine number is allocated to the vehicle then the SMS message is not given. It is not understandable why such discrimination is kept by the RTO department.

Here are the rules

If the vehicle owner fills the vehicle tax and the amount of the corresponding fees, then the government should bear a nominal amount of rupee or less. If the RTO mechanism is required, the vehicle's registration number, application process, RCbook printing and different postage sent by post will be administered by giving extra SMS charge, administrative transparency, and the information will also be available to the applicant on time. It will also be a kind of satisfaction. Some time ago, information like vehicle transfers to VAHAN-4 software program was given to the applicant by SMS on mobile phone but has been closed for some incomprehensible reason which is an unfortunate and tragic event.

Information about new vehicle registration number and administrative process stage by the RTO Department of Gujarat Government is not provided through mobile cell phone. But information related to vehicle related administration process can be obtained if the vehicle's transport number and vehicle number is logged in on the website of the Central Government Transport and Highways Department, Delhi. Depending on how long your vehicle's RC book can be found. So that the applicant does not need to go to the dealer or RTO office personally. The new vehicle buyer's customer should use the maximum of the center of the website.

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