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6 November 2018

Changes In 9-12 Standard Exam Pattern

Changes In 9-12 Standard Exam Pattern

In the secondary and higher secondary schools recognized in Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board in June, 2018, in the science stream of Mathematics, Science and Technology and English First Language and Standard 11, the NCERT books in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and English in the first language are implemented. So, the academic year 2019-20 to standard 10 and 12 vs.

After implementation of the textbooks of NCERT, the Government has decided to make a significant change in the Secondary and Upper Secondary Examination System from the academic year 2018-19.
In the academic year 2018-19 in standard 9 and academic year 2019-20 in the standard 10, 80 marks in the annual examination and 20 marks of internal evaluation instead of holistic evaluation. In the standard 11 science stream from academic year 2018-19, there will be 80 marks in the annual examination and 20 marks for internal evaluation. In the examination of the standard 12th science stream board examination from academic year 2019-20, 20 marks marks in 100 marks question paper will have objective questions. Due to this important change in the examination system, the writing skills will be developed in the students. This decision has been taken so that students can perform well in exams like JEE and NET.

Education Minister Bhupendra Chudasama said that NCERT textbooks have been implemented. As a result of the changed curriculum, the examination system has been modified. From 2018, the first test will be 50 marks in standard 1 to 9, 50 marks in second test, and 80 marks for the annual examination. Objective questions, essay-based questions, etc. Annual assessment will be done by counting 100 marks out of 50 marks of 200 marks in examinations taken during the year and internal evaluation. Students will have to bring 33 marks to pass. The academic year 2018-19 will be an internal evaluation rather than a holistic evaluation of class 9, which will be of 20 marks.

In the examination of the Board of Examination in the Board Examination of March 12, 2020 in the standard 12th science stream from 2019-20, 50% of the M.Sc. OMR system will be 20% objective questions in the 100 marks question paper. 80% questions will be short and long questions and essay types. The experimental work in physics, alcheology and biology will be 50 marks. The existing method for the board examinations to be held in March 2019 of Class 10 and 12 will remain intact. The standard papers of standard 11 and 12 will remain unchanged in board exams.

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