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3 November 2018

Bank's New Features To Prevent Fraud, Such As Switch To ATM Switch-On-Off

Bank's New Features To Prevent Fraud, Such As Switch To ATM Switch-On-Off

  • NEW DELHI: The country's largest public sector bank State Bank of India (SBI) is constantly increasing awareness to protect its customers from any type of fraud. The information is being sent by the bank through continuous message, that no one should share any information, including your ATM PIN and CVV. Based on actual intelligence, anyone can raise money from your account. Once again SBI Bank has brought a special feature for millions of customers.
  • These special features are for security of money
  • In the festive season, the bank has brought a special feature about the security of customers' accounts and their money. In which you can switch on using your ATM card while switching on and when not in use, which will not cause any kind of usage of your card and your account will be very secure. Regardless of increasing cyber crime in recent times, these features will prove useful to the customers. Using these features, you can also stay away from Ford.
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  • Switch-in like this

  • According to the information given on SBI's official website, this service name has been named 'SBI Click'. For which you have to download the 'SBI Click' app from the Google Play Store first. This website will run on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Follow the steps given below for more information.
  • This is the stereo
  • After downloading the app, first click on registration and fill out all the information provided.
  • -Then click on ATM card switch / switch of ATM card.
  • -Now write the last four numbers given on the card here and click on the channels.
  • After that, the message will be displayed on the mobile screen. Click on it.
  • By doing this, your ATM Card will be off and will not be able to transact any ATM card or any kind of transaction.

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