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20 November 2018

104 HelpLine Start In Gujarat By GVK Emri.In 104 Helpline Full Detail

GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute) is a pioneer in Emergency Management Services in India. As a not – for – profit professional organization operating in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, GVK EMRI is the largest professional Emergency Service Provider in India today.

April 2005 was the turning point for emergency medical services in India. The organization was incepted with the objective of delivering comprehensive, speedy, reliable and quality Emergency Care Services. This has been done by establishing an Emergency Response System that coordinates every emergency through a single toll free number 1-0-8 which when called in an emergency ensures prompt communication and activation of a response that includes, assessment of the emergency, dispatch of the ambulances, along with a well trained Emergency Medical Technician to render quality pre-hospital care and transport of the patient to the appropriate health care facility. Today, 108 is synonymous with the best-in-class emergency service and has been acknowledged as the most efficient, speedy, reliable, and caring service provider in its category.
104 Helpline Detail Gujarat
With increased focus on research and analytics, GVK EMRI now, also enters into the arena of protecting law and order in the society. GVK EMRI has left no stone unturned to reach out the needy by extending its reach through various Help Line and Specific Segment oriented Focused Services as an offshoot of the vast expertise gained through the last 12 years of 108 EMS Operations across the length and breadth of it’s operational states in India.

Help Line Services In Gujart : 

  1. 104 (Health Helpline)
  2. 181 (Women Helpline and Rescue Vans)
  3. 100 (Police Command and Control Center)
  4. 1962 (Veterinary Mobile Clinics)
  5. Public Grievance Redressal Helpline
  6. Mother and Child Tracking Facilitation Center
  7. Disaster Management Helpline
State Health Minister Shankar Chaudhary announced on Wednesday that the helpline for Fever Helpline 104 'will be started from April -2017, like 108 to release malaria by 2022, in the Assembly House on Wednesday. He said that the minister would call the minister to facilitate the ambulance in his house and assured that the minister would be given the option. Minister Chaudhary assured that this would prove to be an important step for the release of malaria by the state's next five years, by 2022.

How To Use 104 Helpline For Health Support :: 
A toll free number is proposed to be used to render these services to citizens in the state.
The envisaged call routing of any call coming to the call center is the following:

A beneficiary dials the ‘104’ helpline number
The call is received by a paramedic
If the beneficiary needs emergency care, the call is routed to ‘108’ helpline
If the beneficiary needs information, counseling or medical advice, then citizen details are captured and entered in the system
The paramedic provides information to the beneficiary as per the data that is available with the helpdesk
If the beneficiary asks for medical advice then the paramedic asks for symptoms from the citizen
The paramedic provides advice with the support of clinical decision support system available to him/her
The paramedic can suggest hospitals/private practitioners to be visited by the beneficiary for further clinical advice
The paramedic can also provide information about nearby pharmacists in case the beneficiary needs to know where he can procure medicines etc.
If the beneficiary is not satisfied with the counseling, information or medical advice, or if the paramedic believes that more expertise is required to assist the beneficiary, the call is routed to an available doctor.
The doctor then tries to provide the relevant information, counseling or advice to the beneficiary.
Paramedic Suitable candidates will be holders of any of the following qualifications: 1. Bachelor of Pharmacy or Diploma in Pharmacy 2. Bachelor of Physiotherapy 3. Bachelor of Science (Nursing) 4. Bachelor of Science (Life Science) 5. General Nursery and Midwifery 6. Master of Social Work
Doctor 1. MBBS / MD (General Practitioner) 2. BDS 3. Clinical Psychologist 4. Degree in AYUSH medicine practices


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