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24 September 2017

Blogspot Blog Ko Hack Hone Se Kaise Bachaye

Blogspot Blog Ko Hack Hone Se Kaise Bachaye

Hello friends, do you know that in today's era of this technology there is nothing safe on the Internet. You may not know that more than 10000 websites of hackers are hacked every day on the internet. It also includes the bank and the company's website to carry millions of crores of transactions. Hello my name.Today, in this post you Blogspot blog 'm going to tell you how saved him from being hacked. If you are the author of the blog then you will have heard or read something about hacking. If you are a blogger then you must know how hard work is required to make a blogspot blog full. If a hacker hacks your blog on this time, then a big mountain on your head has broken. So do not be so in your website for you

I have come up with some tips to protect you from hacking which can make your website safely safe with hacking. So let's start. 

Blogspot Blog Ko Hack Hone Se Kaise Bachaye

How to prevent blogspot blog from being hacked? By the way, Blogger is Google's platform, so hacking on it becomes a very important task. Because Google had done this announcment about security in its Blogger platform, Google would give a reward of $ 100 to $ 20000 if there was any reduction in Google's product. If Google has given this challenge, then it is obvious how much of any Google product will be safe. This means that blogs made on Blogger are fairly safe. But even if you say that your blog is not hacked, then you are going to tell me some tips that you have to follow. 

Tip 1: - Always use good antivirus

In this you are asking to use antivirus because using antivirus helps keep your data secure and helps you avoid hackers.Therefore, you must use antivirus in any computer or laptop that runs your blog.  

Tip 2: - Use Strong Password  If you do it with your password, any hacker can easily hack your password. If you do the same password, then anyone can easily crack your password from Brute Force Attack. So always use stroke password. Strong passwords should be such that the number should also be included and there should also be small and large letters. It will happen that your password will become a strong stroke. For More Read: -  (1) A mobile mobile mobile charging carrier (2)

Website Safe Hai Ya Kahi Jane
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Tip 3: - Use 2 step verification on your blog. By 2 step verification,  I mean that you will have to double the security of the Gmail id of your blog on any email ID. 2 Enabling step verification will happen that whenever you log in to your Gmail account, the OTP will come on your mobile  only after entering that  OTP you will be able to login to the Gmail account. 

Tip 4: - Regularly backing up  your blog, you can backup your blog regularly. You should back up your blog every week or every 10 days. It will be that if your blog takes a hack, then there will be no more problems because you already have a backup of it. That's why your blog can not be a big security. 

Tip 5: - Do not use Crack Template 

You should never use the Krek template you are getting for free for your blog. Because some people use the Crack version of a theme with money to save a little money. If you are doing this then you should change the theme of your blog because free themes can be a reason for your site to be hacked. 

It is a matter of thinking that if they buy you a money template and give you their Crack version for free, then what will they have will be their earning. Because these sites are met from hackers and the crack themes are those people who can add some viruses or coding something like this because any hacker can easily hack your blog. That's why I'm just saying that never use a cracked version of the money template. If you want to use a theme with money, then buy it. If you can not buy, then use a template which is not crack and is totally free.

 Tip 6: - Turn on HTTPS security in the blog 

If you do your blog with your domain without any domain name or your blog is on the domain, then you should soon turn on Google's buggy HTTPS security. If you turn on this security, then any hacker will not be able to hack your blog and your blog and blog data will remain both.  

 Tip 7: - Being cautious with cyber cafe,  there will be new bloggers who do not have a laptop or computer to run their blog. So they go to cyber cafes to run their blog. But in the era of today's technology, all the cyber cafes have been opened and they look at the activities of your computer. That's why I just say that there should be some attention while working in a cyber cafe.  

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Thank You

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To Get Fast Updates Download our Apps:Android|iOS|Telegram

Stay connected with us for latest updates

Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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