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18 September 2017


Court Bailiff Job Duties
Court bailiffs are law enforcement officers who are situated in courtrooms to maintain order and provide security. Along with guarding juries and enforcing rules of the courts, bailiffs open court by announcing the judges' arrival and close court by announcing the judges' departure. They may call witnesses to the stand and present the oath before witnesses take the stand. Court bailiffs might also provide administrative support to judges and jurors, stock courtroom supplies, deliver court documents and take custody of offenders.

Court Bailiff Requirements
Becoming a court bailiff entails at least a high school diploma or GED. Supplemental training, either at a 2- or 4-year college, vocational school or police academy, may be an asset in pursuing a position as a court bailiff. Coursework in fields like criminal justice, law enforcement or civil rights can provide a relevant background for careers in law enforcement and administration. In fact, employment at the federal level may require a bachelor's degree as well as related work experience. After obtaining employment, court bailiffs often complete formal training programs regulated by the state or federal government.Additional Qualifications
Since court bailiffs maintain safety in the courtroom, they may benefit from CPR and first aid training. Some court systems require court bailiffs to attend firearm training classes and to be comfortable using chemical sprays, such as pepper spray. Successful court bailiffs pay attention to detail, have the ability to work well in teams and have strong communication skills. They must also meet physical fitness standards and have clean criminal records.

Bailiffs are law enforcement officers charged with keeping order in a courtroom. A high school diploma may be all that's required for most positions, but bailiffs for federal court need a bachelor's degree. They usually must complete a law enforcement training program as wel
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