Have you ever seen a smartphone with 7000mah battery, or no, so today we are going to tell you about a similar smartphone whose battery is 7000mah i.e. once full charge 517 hours i.e. about 24 days backup Gives


So far you have to see expensive expensive phones ranging from just 4 or 5000mah which are worth more but the battery backup is up to a maximum of one to two weeks.
The name of this 7000mah and 6gb RAM smartphone is named Zioni M2017 which is not yet released in India but is going to be launched this year soon. This has a quick charging system of 3.0, due to which the full charge is within 2 hours. Let's talk about its screen size, it has a 5.7-inch display and 6.0 Marshallallou is an Android system.
However, its price in New York is 6,999 NYC, which is 68,000 rupees in India. However, the release date in India is not fixed yet, but it is possible in India by the end of this year.