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11 February 2016

Pravas Ayojan mate All Important Files Download Here

(1) Pravas Sha mate?? important Guno no Vikas karva Pravas Jaruri tenu Lisy Pdf and Exle File.

(2) Pravas Fees Nakki karva mateni Babato ni Pdf and Exle File 

(3) Balako na I-Card no Namuno Pdf and Exle File

(4) Pravas ma kai Vastuoni Jarur Pade?? Teni Pdf and Exle File

(5) Pravas Manjuri Patrakoni Exle File Download 

Download in Exle File - Click here

(6) Pravas Rojmel, Vauchar, temaj All Hisabi Exle File 

(7) Pravas Jaruri Suchnaonu List Pdf and Exle File

Download in Pdf File -Click here  
Download in Exle File -Click here

(8) Pravasna Kilometers ni Nodh Rakhva Pdf and Exle File

(9) Vali ne Aapva Pravas Ayojan Patrika P.D.F. and Exle File

(10) Pravas Samiti no Namuno P.D.F. and Exle File 
Download in Pdf File - Click here 
Download in Exle File - Click here 

(11) Select State, District, Taluka, Village / City. From & to also. Find Distance in kilometre.
→ Click here 

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