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15 February 2018

The goods sold in the shop are genuine or fake, only one SMS will be able to know

The goods sold in the shop are genuine or fake, only one SMS will be able to know

The goods sold in the shop are genuine or fake, only one SMS will be able to know
NEW DELHI: Whenever you go to the store to buy any goods, how do you know if this is real or fake? However now you can easily do this work. America’s company Pharmacisere has taken this initiative into several countries including India. For this, the company has tied up with many companies.

Pharmacisere is a genuine product by SMS that the facility for getting duplicate information was started for medicines. However, the company has also started service for goods, electronic and butetted products used in everyday life. For this, the company has created a separate unit productive.
Pharmaccioure said that you can get product information through SMS only. Also, it can be known by placing the barcode of the product on the mobile app. Apart from this, the option to check whether the product is genuine or fake is also available on the website.

The number of counterfeit products worldwide, including India, is increasing, said Nukul Pasriracha, chairman and chief physicist. Its effect is not only on the brand’s credibility but also on the company’s income. He said that due to the nasal products, the government also suffered millions of rupees. Also, these counterfeit products harm user’s health.
He said that we are contacting companies to give information about this. A special code is placed on each sale of the company’s product. It also mentions the number of sales, expiry date and phone number.

In the same way, the customer will send the phone code of the relevant product to the phone number as soon as the phone will receive an SMS. In this way, it is easy to know whether the product is genuine or fake. Using barcode, customers will get all the information that the company will be ready to include in the barcode. It also includes other important information including MRP, expiry date.
He said that in India, he is currently communicating with the companies, which produces daily necessity products, so that people can take maximum advantage of it.

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