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8 August 2017

Caution ... These WhatsApp messages could steal your bank's identity

Caution ... These WhatsApp messages could steal your bank's identity

New Delhi: Due to the large database, some hackers and fraudsters can steal its bank detective by sending a WhatsApp message to anyone. There has been an attempt to mislead by WhatsApp messages for the past few years.
In such turmoil, a message comes on WhatsApp, which says that your one-year subscription is being completed. Payments to continue this service. A message is also given in this message, clicking on which gives the option of a payment page to any person. This payment is sought on the bank page of the person, however, this payment does not ask for votes. In this way, the person who is stolen from the bank's credit by the payment, which can hurt the person who goes on ahead.
Although such messages are currently being found more in the UK, it does not mean that people of India do not receive such a message. In India, now such messages have started slowly. It is worth mentioning here that WhatsApp has once announced that it would charge its customers only one year after providing free service, but canceled the plan in January-2016.
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