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30 April 2017

Want to reduce mobile bills, take 8 Tips

Want to reduce mobile bills, take 8 Tips

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The increasing use of mobile per day is increasing, the bill is increasing even more than that. Mobile has become an integral part of our life. In such a way, the rising bill is something that you can not do even less than what you want, but in this period of inflation, it is very necessary to control the mobile bill to reduce it. So know some ways in which you can reduce your mobile bill

1. Keep an eye on your data usage. See how much you spend each month for calls, messages and data. By monitoring your data usage, you can reduce or control the mobile bill. By doing this you will know your consumption and then you can take a data plan or post paid plan as per your need.

2. If possible, use Wi-Fi connection for internet surfing. This will get rid of expensive internet plans and your mobile bill will also be reduced to a great extent.

3. Whenever you choose phone recharge or plan, take advantage of the offers being played by mobile companies and use the offer which has the advantage.

4. Keep an eye on how much you spend on the internet, this will give you an accurate idea of ​​your internet expenses and plan your plans accordingly.

5. Becoming a prepaid user can also get relief from mobile bills because some special offers for mobile prepaid users remove mobile companies. According to your needs, companies take some good plans. You can reduce your bills by taking advantage of them.

6. Most mobile users talk with friends and relatives and therefore some companies offer postpaid plans for family or friends group. You can share the data with each other, so if you can, then family or friends can get the same network provider.

7. If your data expires prematurely and you have to recharge again, then keep it closed when you do not need it. This will also reduce the useless mobile bill.

8. Use free messenger service to send messages. This allows you to send messages without SMS pack and reduce your mobile costs
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