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15 January 2020

Direct Recruitment Without Any Examination Or Interview In Railway For Std.10 Pass -

Direct Recruitment Without Any Examination Or Interview In Railway For Std.10 Pass -

The Congress has alleged that the board has raised over Rs 4 crore in the last four years due to the fact that these youth are the means of earning for the Railway Recruitment Board, when millions of unemployed people are scrambling for jobs.The promise of employing two crore youth has not been fulfilled but allegations that the robbery is being carried out by the unemployed in the name of exam fee, said Congress territory spokesman Dr. Manish Doshi said that the exam fee in year 1 was only Rs 5, but in year 3-5, the Modi government had increased it to Rs.

The Railway Board had stipulated that, if the unemployed gives the exam, then Rs. 6 will be refunded while the absentee will not get the return fee. Until 5, STST candidates did not have to take the exam fee but from year 1 onwards, a fee of Rs.

Importantly, the Railway Examination Board has not yet revised its implementation of refund of Rs. On the one hand, the unemployed are not given jobs whereas on the other hand the government should respond when exams are looted.Details of the police recruitment scam from the Sunrise Complex in Waghodia Road have been investigated after seeing the documents handled by the Hubhu Railway.While sitting in the above office, Anil Manubhai Patel, the office manager, used to put the name plate of the Railway Recruitment Board as the President of Gujarat. While, Shailesh used the name plate as the Sony X President, Railway Recruitment Board.

Apart from this he used to fill the Railway Coinage Candidates. He kept a circular containing the coins of Railway Bhawan. Bogus used to create merit list and also provided the co-coined training and appointment letters on the railway letter pad.Considering all the above, all the Railway literature supplying Delhi is suspected to have been involved in a major accident in the Railway Ministry with Master Mind Urjpal.In the GLS Faculty of Business Administration, National Management Fest 'Image 1-3' was organized, in which the guest of the guest, Laila Taibaji, said that the women living in the Rural area have the art of making traditional handicraft but they do not get the Opportunity. If such sisters find the right platform, a good business can be opened and the sisters can be employed. Management students should give greater importance to PPP (People-Planet-Profit) to make the business more successful. Everyone should make a profit in the business, both spiritually and without harming the environment. Shefali Dani said that more than 4 students from 4 colleges in the country have been present at this management fest which will be informed by finance, marketing, HR, communication and branding expert talk.
Protecting the environment along with business is vital
Today, due to global warming, there is a need to protect the environment along with the business. Everyone should keep in mind the Private Coast, Public Coast and Social Coast in the business. Each person should make a chart in their home to show how much damage the environment has done. Protecting the environment along with protecting the business is vital.


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