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8 May 2018




Hello teachers, Goverment of Gujarat now decides to make all teacher training online. So, they will make first online training as pilot project with IIM-A. This first online training is named as SAMARTH. So, read full post for total information about SAMARTH online training.
🔹🔹SAMARTH Introduction :
- SAMARTH is online training programme for Maths-Science teachers of Standard 6 to 8 in Gujarat. This is pilot project by SSA Gujarat & IIM-A. If it will success, then applied for all teachers of Gujarat.
- Teachers are divided into 2 groups. First group is called SA & second is called SB. They will be informed by SMS or E-mail by SSA & IIM-A
- The registration of First group is starting from 20/05/2018 on IIM-A official website.
- Teachers have to register and then log in for online training.
- Teachers have to complete 5 modules online on IIM-A site. The moduels are about Maths-Science, general studies, classroom methods & case study of innovation.
- After completion of moduels, teachers have to submit the project on IIM-A site.
- Read total information about project & registration in given PDF file from below.

🔹SAMARTH Registration Guide :
SAMARTH is online training project. The full information about SAMARTH training and registration in Gujarati PDF is given. Download this PDF file from below link.

▶▶SAMARTH Training Guide PDFClick here to download
▪Total Pages - 25
▪PDF Size :- 737 KB
▪PDF Creator :- IIM-A

🔹How to Register in SAMARTH ?
Follow below steps for register in SAMARTH. You can download above PDF file for steps in Gujarati with screenshots.
(Please Note :- Registration will starts from 20/05/2018 for first phase)
▪Step 1 : Log in to IIM-A website
▪Step 2 : You can find SAMARTH registration Link on Home page. Click on that.
▪Step 3 : You have to register using Mobile number, Teacher code and password given by IIM-A in SMS or E-mail.
▪Step 4 : Change default password with your password. Now remeber this new password.
▪Step 5 : Update your profile and then answer few questions.
▪Step 6 : You can see introduction page in Gujarati. Read that carefully. Then go to Home page.
▪Step 7 : You can see 1st module. Click on module and you can learn about that. Complete module with test. You can go to another module after complete 1st module.
▪Step 8 : Complete all module and submit project to IIM-A for complete the training. Project details will be given in website.

🔹SAMARTH Help Line :
If you have any questions about SAMARTH, then you can contact IIM-A from below. There is special Facebook group is generated for SAMARTH training. Join that group for more info. All links are given below.

SAMARTH Facebook Group : Click to Join

▶SAMARTH Inquiry E-mail:
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