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8 January 2018

Jio ready to revive in the new year, 25% cheaper plan

Jio ready to revive in the new year, 25% cheaper plan

Jio ready to revive in the new year, 25% cheaper plan

New Delhi: Reliance Jio has made one more hit in the new year. This new offer of Geooni may once again hit the market in the telecom market. Reliance Jio has reduced the price of its 4 plans by this time by 50 rupees. Apart from this, the company is giving 50% more data on some plans. Now you get 28 GB data at 149 rupees. Read more about planes ....

The new plans will be able to recharge users from January 9, 2018. Under the first offer of Geo, 28 days validity and 28 GB data plan for Rs 199 will now be available only at Rs 149. This offer will get 70 days validity. Recharge of 70 GB data plan 399 can be done in 349 only.

Recovery of 84 day validity and 84 GB data at Rs. 459 will be available for users at Rs. 399. At Rs 499, 91 days validity and 91 GB data will be available at Rs 449.

Under the second offer of the company, you can now get 1.5 GB of data instead of 1 GB. Under the new offer, you can get 42 GB of data, which is 50% more than 28 GB in the pack of valued at Rs. 198 and 28 days.

Similarly, for the 398 rupees 70 day validity plan will get 105 GB of data users instead of 70 GB. At Rs 448, the 84 GB validity plan now provides 136 GB of data.

Apart from this, the recharge plan with 91 days validity of Rs 498 will now get 136 GB data. The company said in its statement that in 2018, the company will continue to bring new offers to its customers.
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