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8 January 2018

ALERT: These 12 Apps To Be Removed From The Phone, There Are Dangerous

ALERT: These 12 apps to be removed from the phone, there are Dangerous

If your phone has any banking apps, then uninstall it for a while.

Quick Heal Securtiy Labs is a virus that has attacked Indian banking apps. This trojan has hunted more than 232 banking and finance apps. The name of this virus is Android.banker.A9480.
Quick Heal Security Labs detected an Android Banking Trojan that targets more than 232 banking apps including those offered by Indian banks. The malware is known as Android.banker.A2f8a (Previously detected as Android.banker.A9480).
Like most other Android banking malware, even this one is designed for stealing login credentials, hijacking SMSs, uploading contact lists and SMSs on a malicious server, displaying an overlay screen (to capture details) on top of legitimate apps and carrying out other such malicious activities.
Infection vector
Android.banker.A2f8a is being distributed through a fake Flash Player app on third-party stores. This is not surprising given that Adobe Flash is one of the most widely distributed products on the Internet. Because of its popularity and global install base, it is often targeted by attackers.
Technical analysis
After installing the malicious app, it will ask the user to activate administrative rights. And even if the user denies the request or kills the process, the app will keep throwing continuous pop-ups until the user activates the admin privilege. Once this is done, the malicious app hides its icon soon after the user taps on it.
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