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9 November 2017

How to: Stop the phone’s memory from flowering due to WhatsApp

How to: Stop the phone’s memory from flowering due to WhatsApp

New features of WhatsApp are constantly rolling out on Android and iOS platforms. Currently the company has introduced a new feature. The storage is found in the setting of Usage. This feature will be rolled out for Android Earsus shortly after live location. But are currently found in beta versions. Which allows you to manage App Storage. With this feature, WhatsApp users can delete a single mediafile separately from their chat. On the Android App, you can save your phone’s memory in full. So to know how to do this here .

To use this feature you must first go to theWattsup. Then go to its setting.In the setting you will get data and storageusage, go to the storage usage option.Here you will see a chat list in the phone from which you can delete a single chat ora message.Here you will find GIF, video message, audio message, text message, photo embedded option. You can select the media file you want to delete from them.Uncheck the rest and tap an option and tap on the exact message.

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