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12 August 2017

Right now: The state government has announced a big announcement for Ration Card holders ...

Right now: The state government has announced a big announcement for Ration Card holders ...

The news is essential for Ration Card holders. The State Government has released a new order for consumers. If you do not accept this order, you may have to suffer a lot in the future. 

Officials say that Ration Card holders have now been required to link the Aadhar number and the bank account of the head of the family and the IFSC code to the ration card. So that subsidies on ration in the future can also be directly accounted for by consumers.  

The date for submission of Aadhaar card, account number has been fixed till 31st August. The supply department has asked all the consumers to provide Aadhaar numbers to co-operative ration vendors in their respective areas.  

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On the directives of the government, for more than one and a half years, the work of linking the Aadhaar card to the ration card is underway. There are one lakh 50 thousand 789 ration cards in the whole of the country, of which 9 lakh 89 thousand 95 thousand units are. Over one and a half years, more than five and a half million consumers have provided Ration Card with the link.  

At present, the last date for linking the base was announced by July 31. Now the government has made it necessary to link the bank account of the ration card holder family, IFSC code, bank name to the ration card.  
Each card holder will have to give information related to bank account to the district fulfillment office, cooperative ration vendor in his / her area till 31st of August. In future, the subsidies on sugar, rice, wheat and other government ration can come directly into the account of the concerned person.  

District Supply Officer Shilpi Shukla says that the government has instructed to add the bank account no., IFSC code, bank name along with the Aadhaar Card and also the mandatory ration card. By August 31, all consumers have to deposit bank account, Aadhaar number.  
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