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1 August 2017

8 GB RAM mobile phone launches in India


8 GB RAM mobile phone launches in India

Asus, a Taiwanese company, launched the smartphone launch of Zenfone AR, the world's highest 8 GB RAM in the CES 2017, held earlier this year.
Taiwanese company Asus announced Tehelka by launching a smartphone named Zenfone AR, the world's highest 8 GB RAM in the CES 2017 held earlier this year. This phone talk about everyone's tongue. Because the 8 GB RAM in the smartphone was really great. But now it is not so. Now many smartphones are available with 8 GB RAM. Now, according to the confirmed reports from the media, this super smart phone can be launched in August next month. So let's put a cursory look at its superb features -

The ASUS Zenfone AR uses a 5.7-inch WHD (1440 × 2560 pixels) super amoled display. Includes powerful Octakor (Qualcomm Snapepragon 821) processor. The rear camera can be of 23 megapixels. It runs on Android's version 7.0 novice. Wait till August for the remaining features. Because it is only a teller and the picture is still left.

Overall, this will prove to be a super snortfone, which will change the trend of Snortfone Industries. It is a turning point in the journey of technology that comes to the end of this year.
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